LIVE 3-DAY Online Event for Self-Storage Investors
Join this incredible event designed specifically for today's brightest and boldest self-storage investors! The countdown begins...
June 16-18, 2022
A stellar lineup of expert speakers with proven track records for success.
Learn from the best and apply everything directly to your self-storage business.
  • Ryan McKenna, Founder
    McKenna Capital
  • Yonah Weiss, Business Director
    Madison SPECS
  • Jon Farling, Owner
    L4 Storage Group
  • Terry Campbell, EVP
    Live Oak Bank
  • Dan Kryzanowski, Advisory Partner
    BV Capital  

  • Spencer Hilligoss, Principal
    Madison Investing
  • Tommy Nguyen, Co-founder
  • Tron Jordheim
    Storage Strategies
  • Dana Cornell, CIO
    Legacy Developers
  • Kenneth Hayes, Founding Partner, H&K Capital Partners
  • Cody Baker, Loan Officer
    Terrydale Capital

  • Brent Wright, President
    5050 Storage Partners
  • Mark Helm
    Q2 Self Storage

  • Powell Chee, Founder
    Radiant Storage
    • Kris Benson, CIO
      Reliant Real Estate Management
    • Masha Klapanova
      Top Choice Investment Group

    • Adam Karnes, VP
      The BSC Group, LLC
      • Jonathan Wei, Founder/CEO
        Greystone Capital Group
      • Marc Goodin, President
        Storage Authority

      • Ryan Smith
        Elevation Capital Group
        • Corinn Altomare, Partner
          Hearthfire Capital
        • Greg Porter, President
          Summit Real Estate Advisors

        • Jason Polanco, Founder
          Boxd In Properties
          • Scott Speer, Founder
            Scott Speer Investments
          • More Speakers TBA!

          • More Speakers TBA!

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            Storage Investor Nation Summit
            Event Schedule
            Location: LIVE-Online (Q&A with all speakers virtually)
            All Ticket Holders Have Access to Replays
            April 15-17, 2021
            THURSDAY, APRIL 15th
            Thursday: 8:15 AM EST
            Managing Partner,
            Thursday: 9:30 AM EST (Room 1)
            Investor Barbell Strategy - Yield & Upside via Self-Storage
            Dan Kryzanowski, BV Capital
            Thursday: 9:30 AM EST (Room 2)
            Managing Storage Facilities Remotely
            Jon Farling, L4 Storage Group
            Thursday: 10:45 AM EST (Room 1)
            How to Legally Not Pay Income Tax with Cost Segregation
            Yonah Weiss, Madison SPECS
            Thursday: 10:45 AM EST (Room 2)
            The Future of Self-Storage:  Europe and Asia Market Overview
            John C. Lindsey, Self Storage Group
            Thursday: 12:00 PM EST (Room 1)
            Why is Self-Storage a Recession Resilient Asset Class?
            Kris Benson, Reliant Real Estate Management
            Thursday: 12:00 PM EST (Room 2)
            30 Simple Design Features You Need to Include in Your New Self-Storage Facility
            Marc Goodin, Storage Authority
            Thursday: 1:15 PM EST (Room 1)
            Panel:  Tales of Getting Started in Self-Storage Investing
            Panelists:  Harper Jones, Tom de Jong, Joe Evangelisti
            Thursday: 1:15 PM EST (Room 2)
            Offer Accepted.  Now What?  First Steps to Self-Storage Due Diligence
            Magen Smith, Atomic Storage Group
            Thursday: 2:30 PM EST (Room 1)
            Picking an Investment Strategy
            Spencer Hilligoss, Madison Investing
            Thursday: 2:30 PM EST (Room 2)
            Loan Overview Available for Storage Borrowers
            Adam Karnes, The BSC Group
            Thursday: 3:45 PM EST (Room 1)
            Panel:  The State of the Mid-2021 Self-Storage Market
            Panelists:  Cory Sylvester, TBA
            Thursday: 3:45 PM EST (Room 2)
            How to Structure a Deal
            John Manes, Pinnacle Storage Properties
            FRIDAY, APRIL 16th
            Friday: 8:15 AM EST
            Managing Partner,
            Friday: 9:30 AM EST (Room 1)
            SBA Financing for Self-Storage
            Terry Campbell, Live Oak Bank
            Friday: 9:30 AM EST (Room 2)
            Prospecting to Find Your First Storage Deal
            Drew Pearson, Pearson Partners
            Friday: 10:45 AM EST (Room 1)
            Self-Storage Underwriting & Metrics
            Cody Baker, Terrydale Capital
            Friday: 10:45 AM EST (Room 2)
            Self-Storage - Why This Asset Class is Outperforming All Others During Covid and the Recession
            Scott Meyers, Self Storage Investing
            Friday: 12:00 PM EST (Room 1)
            From Multifamily to Self-Storage: How and Why to Make the Jump
            Corinn Altomare, Hearthfire Holdings
            Friday: 12:00 PM EST (Room 2)
            5 Red Flags when Underwriting a Deal
            Ben Lapidus, Spartan Investment Group, LLC
            Friday: 1:15 PM EST (Room 1)
            Panel:  Raising Capital - Strategies to Bring in Millions
            Panelists:  Ryan McKenna, Scott Speer, Dave Zook, Dana Cornell
            Friday: 1:15 PM EST (Room 2)
            Acquiring Your First Self-Storage Facility
            Powell Chee, MultifamilyMasters
            Friday: 2:30 PM EST (Room 1)
            Revenue Management
            Jim Mooney Jr., Freedom Storage Management
            Friday: 2:30 PM EST (Room 2)
            Big Impact, Small Team - How to Maximize Your Storage Operations with Your Small Team
            Mark Poole, Liberty Investment Properties
            Friday: 3:45 PM EST (Room 1)
            Panel:  Techniques for Managing a Self-Storage Facility
            Panelists:  Bob Copper, Jon Farling, TBA
            Friday: 3:45 PM EST (Room 2)
            Winning Your Self-Storage Deal, Now What?
            Kenneth Hayes and Khary Kemp, H&K Capital Partners, LLC
            SATURDAY, APRIL 17th
            Saturday: 8:15 AM EST
            Managing Partner,
            Saturday: 9:30 AM EST (Room 1)
            Back of the Napkin Financial Analysis
            Mike Wagner, The Storage Rebellion
            Saturday: 9:30 AM EST (Room 2)
            How to Start Investing in Self-Storage with Little or No Money
            Brett Abamonte, K and B Self Storage
            Saturday: 10:45 AM EST (Room 1)
            Overcoming Your Fears and Limiting Beliefs
            Shane Chapin, Storage Connections, LLC
            Saturday: 10:45 AM EST (Room 2)
            Purchasing Out of State
            Jason Polanco, Boxd In Properties
            Saturday: 12:00 PM EST (Room 1)
            Self-Storage Case Study
            Ryan Gibson, Spartan Investments
            Saturday: 12:00 PM EST (Room 2)
            Contactless Can Still Be a Friendly Experience
            Tron Jordheim, Self Storage Strategies
            Saturday: 1:15 PM EST (Room 1)
            Panel:  Developing Self-Storage from Raw Land to Completion
            Panelists:  Marc Goodin, TBA
            Saturday: 1:15 PM EST (Room 2)
            Top 7 Misconceptions About Getting Into Self-Storage Investing
            Masha Klapanova, Top Choice Real Estate Investments, LLC
            Saturday: 2:30 PM EST (Room 1)
            5 Reasons Why a Self-Storage Feasibility Study is Critical to Your Self Storage Development
            Matt Van Horn, Atomic Storage Group
            Saturday: 2:30 PM EST (Room 2)
            Impact Investing - The Move from Success to Significance
            Steven Libman, Integrity Holdings Group
            Saturday: 3:45 PM EST (Room 1)
            Panel:  Utilizing Technology Advancements in Self-Storage
            Panelists:  Tommy Nguyen, Jim Ross
            Saturday: 3:45 PM EST (Room 2)
            Scaling Real Estate with Self-Storage
            AJ Osborne, Cedar Creek Wealth
            You will learn and network with the highest level self-storage investors in the entire World at this virtual event! The best way to change your current condition is to begin to surround yourself with people that are smarter than you! If you are the smartest person in the're in the wrong room!
            At this event, you will gain access to these high-impact success skills that will transform your self-storage investing endeavors!
            Investor Mindset
            Tap into the high net worth investors mindset to learn how to better communicate your storage syndication strategies the first time.
            2022 Market Update
            As we near the middle of 2022, several speakers will be presenting on the state of the current market and where it will go in 2022 and beyond.
            Raising Capital
            Every deal needs this event you will learn the exact strategies that high level syndicators use to acquire new investors.
            Closing Deals
            Once an LOI is signed, the hard work really starts. Hear from several investors that have actually closed deals and their road to closing the deal on time.
            Selecting Markets
            Market selection is very important when investing in self-storage and you will learn how to properly analyze a market prior to investing.
            Finding Deals
            Finding the right deal seems easy, but upon execution it is rather challenging. Learn strategies to find the best deals on the market now.
            Investor Relations
            Understand the process behind working with investors before closing when raising funds and also after the deal has closed. Communication is key.
            Financing Strategies
            There are many choices when it comes to selecting the right loan for your projects. Learn about Bridge Loans, Mezzanine Loans, Supplemental Loans, and Agency Financing.
            Enjoy the simplicity and ease of having the entire event located in one application. Whether at your desktop, tablet or smart phone, the Whova app will include all speaker and panel sessions, networking opportunities, event information and more! 
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